Unique Ways to Tell Your Kids You Love Them

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Love brings people together and makes us feel safe, optimistic, and joyful.  We all benefit from love, both providing and receiving it.  In raising their children, many parents aim for nothing less than perfection. This is, to say the least, an unrealistic objective, and this is not where mom and dad’s efforts … Read more

Jewelry Ideas to Tell Your Spouse You Love Her

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When it comes to jewelry, good things truly do come in little packages. If you are searching for a present that is both beautiful and practical, you might consider purchasing some jewelry as a present. And since there are so many variations of jewelry to choose from, there is a piece that … Read more

Tips for Taking a Break from the Stress of Work and Family

Tips for Taking a Break from the Stress of Work and Family

Stress is an inevitable aspect of life. We all experience stress, yet the circumstances, manifestations, and levels of that stress might vary greatly. What stresses out one individual may not appear stressful to another. What Is Stress?   Stress refers to any form of change that causes physical, emotional, or psychological distress. … Read more

What Are The Benefits Of Taking Children To Art Museums?

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It is a holiday, and the kids are out of school. You may also have relatives visiting from out of town who want to spend time with the kids and see the attractions. Alternatively, you and your family are planning a trip to a far-flung, previously undiscovered metropolis. Whatever the situation, you … Read more

Best Activities for Bonding with Your Baby

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No parenting book can actually prepare us for the challenges of becoming one. Though we can get as much information as we need from these references, nothing beats concrete experience. The actual parenting world comes with tons of sneaky little surprises that you aren’t sure you’re ready to deal with. Bringing a … Read more

Recognizing Your Anxiety Triggers

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So, you are just scrolling through your Facebook feed, and you came across a post from an old friend that somehow made you feel mysteriously uncomfortable. For the rest of the day, you just think gloomy – and everything you sense, including what you hear and see, irritates you. You are asking, … Read more

How to Fill the Generation Gap Between Parents and Children?

How to Fill the Generation Gap Between Parents and Children?

The generation gap between parents and children is quite a puzzling problem. Younger family members are treading their own paths in life while older ones have a wealth of experience to share. Younger members seem more excited about exploring the possibilities and fulfilling their aspirations in life while the older members are … Read more

Benefits of Playing Board Games with Your Family

Benefits of Playing Board Games with Your Family

Monopoly. Scrabble. Pictionary. Chess. Taboo. Clue. If those terms sound familiar, chances are you had a happy childhood playing those board games with your family. While it seems fun, most homes no longer experience the same excitement as the advancement of technology continues to overshadow them. Today, you can see little ones … Read more

Why Dads Should Read More To Their Kids

Why Dads Should Read More To Their Kids

Moms usually read good books or bedtime stories to their kids. No surprise, as we understand that dads often are too tired coming from work, saving their energy and opting to rest for another day ahead tomorrow. Yet, you might be surprised that dads doing the activity instead of moms can bring … Read more