Darts Can Be a Fun Family Game

Darts is one of the most popular sports in America. One of the main reasons for this is that it requires very little space which is why many people have set up dart boards in their homes as well. You might see them at a bar or nearby a local club too. In case you are planning for a house party, we recommend getting a complete dartboard set because darts can truly be a fun family game.  Moreover, if you really love playing darts, you should join a legit Darts Betting

What Are Darts?

For those who don’t know, darts are a missile-shaped pointed object which has to be thrown on a dartboard from a specified distance. The players have to throw the darts bare-handedly and try to aim for the highest scores on the dartboard. The highest score is usually in the center of the circular board. As a result, it becomes difficult and competitive to aim for the exact center of the dartboard. Nonetheless, it is truly a fun activity that can be played with friends as well as family. 

Sometimes, the dartboards are made in a unique way and the center of the board does not stay the maximum scoring area anymore. Such dartboards have multiple scoring options and points while making the game more related to luck and flukes rather than skill. Generally, these dartboards are considered more of a hobby or free time activity rather than the ones which have the center as the maximum score. This is because the dartboards with the highest score in the center are more of a professional version of the darts while the other one is more about the game. 

Playing darts allows you to improve on your precision skills.

History of Darts

Darts date back to the 1800s when they were first invented without a numeric system on them. The original game started when the dartboards were made on tree trunks in a circular shape and specific rings as well. During this era, the game was known as “butt” instead of darts. This can be related to the fact that “butt” was a word that meant “target” in French.

However, by the end of the 1800s, the dart system was reinvented because there were inaccuracies associated with a lack of numbers. Therefore, in 1896, Carpenter Brian Gamlin devised the numeric dartboard. Since then, there have been various modifications and configurations related to the dartboards. Even today, you might see several versions and there is no single generally accepted design. 

In areas such as Manchester, the boards do not have a triple-point system and are relatively smaller as well. Similarly, another variation can be seen in the London-variant board which had 12 segments while the double and triple points were only 6.35mm wide. As a result, the game becomes more difficult for the players. However, the more difficult the game is, the better are the chances for improving your targeting skills as well. 

Historically, darts has been a game more popular in the United Kingdom. This is evident by the fact that before World War I, there were dartboards made of solid blocks of wood placed all over the pubs in the United Kingdom. However, there were several problems associated with elmwood such as the hardening of wood which meant that the darts would not hit and lock themselves on the wood. 

One of the most notable improvements to the overall design was seen in 1935 when Ted Leggatt and Frank Dabbs, a chemist and a pub owner respectively, used century plants to make the dartboards. The benefit of this dartboard was that it was highly durable and did not require major maintenance. The elmwood which was used earlier had to be soaked in water for a particular time to keep it soft but this problem was not seen in dartboards made of the century plant. The darts did not damage the board in any major way which is why this was considered as a major revolution towards the entire game. 

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Darts have been historically significant in the United Kingdom

Equipment Needed for a Darts Game


The most important part of the entire game is the dartboard itself. The board needs to be of high quality and should be durable. Many of the cheap boards are either made of hardwood making the game extraordinarily difficult or they are made of very low-quality plastic which carries a high risk of breaking. On the other hand, there are a few dartboards that are self-healing. This means that even after the darts are thrown towards the dartboard and they poke a hole in them, the dartboards will automatically recover back to their original state. We recommend you get these dartboards. And if you want to find out the best electronic dart boards, click the link given. 

Always focus on getting the best dartboard. 

Dartboard Stand / Cabinet

There are two ways to hold a dartboard in its place which is either through a dartboard stand or through a cabinet. A dartboard is generally held at about 5 feet from the ground but some can modify this height as per their convenience. For example, if you are installing a dartboard for the kids, the dartboard stand would have to be shorter so that the darts can be easily thrown onto the board. The general rule is to have the dartboard installed at a height that is in line with your eyesight. 

Dartboard stands are often adjustable easily and you can change the height with a simple mechanism in no time. On the other hand, a dartboard cabinet is installed onto a wall with the help of drilled screws. Therefore, changing the position of this cabinet is not something easy to do. 

Choosing between stand and cabinet for darts is completely your choice. 


You can’t just get every other darts set that you see in the market. Keep in mind that darts should neither be too heavy nor too light. If they are too heavy, they won’t retain inside the dartboard and could fall as well. On the other hand, if they are lightweight, they will not be having an appropriate airlift. They will deviate from their path as they are thrown. Therefore, what we recommend is to get brass darts that have steel tips. Brass darts have a suitable weight while the steel tips will make sure that the dart gets inside the dartboard without breaking or without losing its grip. 

High-quality darts last for a long time. 

Darts as a Family Game

Darts can be an amazing game for the entire family. Many people have set up different types of dartboards in their game rooms as well. You can always invite people over and have parties while the dartboards will make the entire game even more interesting. Just make sure that the dartboard is always against a wall and not against a space behind it. 

The reason is that sometimes, people might walk around an empty space and since a dart is very pointy, it may hit someone. The more dangerous it would be if it hits someone in the eyes. Besides, darts are thrown at high speeds so the chances of injuring someone at a good speed are quite high. Therefore, we recommend you play darts but keep all the safety measures in place so that you have a fun-filled experience without any problems. It can be an easy at-home hobby to help motivate your teens to learn and have fun.


In conclusion, we can say that darts is one of the best games that can be played by the whole family. It is neither a gender-specific nor an age-specific game which is why it is among our top recommendations for a family game. Make sure that you get the best equipment for setting up a dartboard as this will require less maintenance and will make sure that your money is not gone to waste as the dartboards will last for a pretty long time as well.