How Can Candles Be Used In Disaster?

Are we ready to face reality and survive when we start experiencing a complex situation in life? We should always keep a piece of emergency equipment in our kit or bag if something unfortunate happens. Candles are beneficial to us, and most of the time, we use them for emergencies, mainly when unusual circumstances occur. Primarily, candles are essential during power outages; the darkness could impose a risk for anyone, that’s why having a candle could at least provide you some light.

Using candles is not the only option we have, but it’s good to know that we have an alternative option that we can use. Disaster preparedness is definitely something we should all learn, especially we really don’t know when and where these circumstances could occur. Are candles an excellent option for us to use? Here are some of the tips that we can learn about using candles in disasters.

Are Emergency Candles Even the Best Option?

During power outages or blackouts, candles are the first thing that comes to our minds, even when we were kids. Maybe because using other stuff like a flashlight needs a battery, and most of us don’t have a spare battery or even a flashlight. Purchasing candles are a great alternative since it doesn’t require any power to give off light; unlike its modern cousin, it’s either you use a battery-powered flashlight or a solar-powered one; unfortunately, not everyone can afford those.

Another great thing about candles is that they can provide fire, which we can use as an alternative heating option. Candles are also made of wax that can be reused to create your own afterward; again, it can provide light with the use of any power. But take note that it’s could also impose a hazard when using candles as emergency lighting. Meaning, you should never use a candle, especially after an earthquake or a risk of crucial gas breakages. If you’re planning to use candles, just be wary of the situation you’re in because it might lead you to a greater danger instead of being a piece of lifesaver equipment.

Best Emergency Candle To Buy

We want the best, especially when it comes to our safety needs. There are different types of emergency candles that we can use in case of disaster and complicated situations. Make sure to choose what could possibly suit you best.

Beeswax Lantern Candles 

This type of candle is not the usual ordinary candle that we use and see. It is more expensive than the other ones, but it also provides the best value amongst others. You can easily reuse the waxes after they melt, but one good trait for this candle type is that it doesn’t quickly melt. You can attach them to the plate, but it is safer if you will use a lantern.

Beeswax Shabbat Candles

If you have a sturdy candle holder, this one is the best because it will easily contain all the wax that will fall so you can reuse it again. This candle can stay lit for 7 hours; the only downside about this candle is the foul scent it gives off because of its plain color.


This kind of candle has a smaller size available, so it is better to use this type if you want to avoid an accident that may cause fire and other unwanted circumstances. It will also be an excellent place to warm your hands during those cold nights. There’s another type of tealight made from soy; we can encounter a carcinogenic whiff or smoky residue, but it is the same as an ordinary tea light candle that we use.

Candles are one of the main things we want to see inside our emergency kit, aside from our other medical tools. It is not just to give light in the dark areas, but it’s enough for you to survive a situation that you may face.

Disaster always happens unexpectedly, so we must prepare and be ready for every event that may appear. We want to be safe when we experience it; that’s why it’s essential to learn the disaster preparedness course due to unexpected circumstances. Remember, there’s no such thing as being too prepared, so it’s better safe than sorry.

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