Hacking Fatherhood: Preparing For Success In The Biggest Role of Your Life


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Hacking Fatherhood is the 24-month guide for serious dads-to-be. This is the information you need before your little one arrives. The chronological action plan is loaded with little known insights and superior strategies to become a family hero in the modern age. It's the ultimate manual for guys who are willing to work smarter to achieve elite success. Much more than a collection of tips for merely surviving pregnancy, this is the advanced plan for thriving as a new father and family leader. Each section is packed will valuable tactics to fortify your marriage, save your wallet, and transform you into the man you were designed to be.

Topics include:

  • Fertility secrets that men have never been told
  • Navigating health insurance like a pro
  • Hacking nutrition and pre-programming your baby's good habits
  • Maintaining peak performance for the entire family
  • Managing pregnancy, one trimester at time
  • How to be a rock star husband and make your marriage stronger than ever
  • How to deal with unexpected complications
  • Preparing for and managing pre-labor, labor, and delivery
  • Hospital hacks to make life easier
  • Establishing superior feeding and sleeping routines to reduce stress
  • How to negotiate medical bills and cut them in half
  • Restarting your life with a new identity

From 24 months B.C. (before child) to 1 week A.D. (after delivery), Dr. Nate Dallas will be your step-by-step mentor, ensuring that you get a tremendous start as you step into your new role.

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