Tips for Preparing for the First Day of School

Vacation is over, and the kids are now preparing to go back to school. The long holiday getaway with the family is just not enough, and going back to school seems to be a lot more difficult task. However, no matter how much you want to extend your time off, going back to school is inevitable. Interestingly, here is a list of tips on how to prepare for the first day of school:

Get enough sleep

First day of school means getting to meet new friends and teachers, introducing yourself in front of the class, and familiarizing yourself with the fresh school year ahead. You don’t want to go to your first day of class feeling groggy and sleepy. Make sure to get enough sleep the night before you go to school to give you the energy you need to stay active at class. A deep eight hours sleep is enough to keep you awake during class discussions and help you leave a nice first impression to your classmates.

Eat healthy

Getting enough sleep is important, but it is not enough to give you the energy boost you need during the day. Along with your eight hours sleep, make sure to eat healthy foods that are necessary to give your body the required nutrients to function properly. There are many foods that are proven effective to give us not just the energy we need, but also the proper nutrition for our brain. These energy-giving brain foods include: oily fish, seeds, nuts, berries, dark chocolate, tomatoes, broccoli, spinach, and whole grains. These foods are packed with the right amount of nutrients to give our body the energy we need throughout the day and keep our minds sharp during class.

Prepare your things

This tip is a no-brainer. Before going to school, make sure all your things are prepared. Make a checklist of all the things you are required to bring to school on your first day. You bag should be clean and well-organized; put a nametag on your books, notebooks, and other belongings to avoid losing them. Bring a set of nicely-working pen, as well as a pencil and eraser, and put them in a case. Check your bag, and see if your things are ready before you leave the house.

Make sure your clothes are nice and tidy

Besides your bag, books, and other school stuff, your clothes should also be put in check a day before going to school. It is not a good practice to be in a rush every morning without choosing and wearing your clothes properly. Furthermore, some schools require a uniform, which requires more maintenance. Whether you have a uniform or not, you should always make it a habit to prepare your clothes at least a day before going to school – especially during your first day. Check your clothes for any dirt or stain; wash them if necessary and hang it to dry. Once your clothes are clean, iron them properly to make it look nice and tidy. However, be careful when ironing your clothes since this could lead to unpleasant result. If you’re unsure of how to iron your clothes, you could always ask help from your parents or guardians.

Organize your schedule

Once you got your things organized, you should now work on your schedule. You don’t want to be late on your first day of class; to avoid this, you should practice organizing your schedule. Make a personal schedule of your daily activities, which include your subjects for the day, travel time, and other significant tasks you do each day. With proper monitoring of your daily tasks, you can make sure to be on time, especially on you first day.

Exercise and unwind

Lastly, before going to your first day of school, it would help if you could exercise and unwind. A short physical activity would do: a walk in the park, ten minutes jogging, and other activities to get the blood flowing. Take note that you don’t want to do a vigorous workout before going to school; a simple exercise works fine just to have a fresh and calm mind before going to school. After a long vacation with your family, you might feel a bit unfocused; exercising and unwinding are good ways to clear your thoughts and improve focus to help you prepare for your first day of school.

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