Fun Bonding Activities for Fathers and Young Kids

There is no doubt that kids undeniably love spending time with their fathers. This is maybe because fathers are often perceived as the easy-going, fun, and let-them-do-whatever-they-want type of person. In most families, the mom is the one who always with the kids most of the time. That is why dads try their best to lessen the mother’s workload when he gets home from work. Keeping an eye on the kids includes keeping them busy while their mom runs errands or having some day off just to relax.

Fathers should spend time with their kids on a regular basis, and one should always try to make time with them so that as a father, you can let them feel special. As fathers, we also want to do activities that are seen as playtime, like letting them do stuff that their mom won’t let them do. These activities do just keep you busy, it also encourages your kids to use their imagination, and act as a father-child bonding moment.

However, there can be times when you must be puzzled about the things you should do when spending time with your kids. But do not fret because it doesn’t have to be the case. And if it’s not something that you usually do, you might get stuck with no ideas in mind. Sometimes you just need to think outside the box. If you’re still thinking about what to do with your kid, here is a great list that shows some fun and creative ways that you can bond with your kids.

  • Have a tickle party, and your child will love this activity. Just imagine all of you running around your house and chasing each other. This is also a challenging task for your children because they will try to get a hold of you and tickle you.
  • What screams bonding time with your kids than build a fort using blankets, boxes, couch cushions, and of course, chairs! This kind of bonding activity will not only entertain all of you, but it can also help your kids’ imaginations run wild.
  • Get creative and encourage everybody to draw or finger paint. Make it a competition and see who will finish first or who created the best artwork.  Or you can spend time studying great art like the impressionist painters and discussing the impact of art on the world around us.
  • This one is a classic: find board games that are appropriate for their age and compete with your kids. This will give you all a chance and time to interact with one another while teaching your kids new concepts. If you’re creative enough, you can use this time to create your very own game.
  • Give your kids piggy-back rides. 
  • Play dress-up with your kids. Do not fret because this activity isn’t only for girls. You can take your old clothes out of your cabinet and have your kids choose what they want to wear. Aside from this, you can also exercise your kid’s creativity by letting my kids make clothes using toilet paper, newspapers, and even your curtains. 
  • Play hide-and-seek. Who doesn’t love a good game of hide-and-seek, right?
  • Pretend that all of you are spies. Spy games are always fun to play with your kids, and the possibilities are endless with this activity.
  • Read a fun book together and discuss their feelings about the book afterward.
  • Take a family hike because nothing spells adventurous than spending your day in the great outdoors and breathing some fresh air. 
  • Make funny but cringe-worthy dad jokes.
  • Make some ice cream sundaes. Getting ice cream outside is fun, but making them yourselves and creating a new flavor is way more fun. 
  • Have a contest and see who’s more creative by letting build something out of items around your house
  • Wash the car together, and we know that this is a chore. But it is an exciting chore if you and your kids will do it together, right?
  • Go stargazing with your kids. All you have to do is set up some blankets in your backyard or balcony and lie down with your kids while looking up at the night sky. 
  • Go on a scenic drive.
  • Make a fun snack together to share before starting your movie night. 
  • Play basketball, soccer, baseball, or other sport together. 
  • Talk to them about your childhood and let them know some of your fondest memories about it.