Why Dads Should Read More To Their Kids

Moms usually read good books or bedtime stories to their kids. No surprise, as we understand that dads often are too tired coming from work, saving their energy and opting to rest for another day ahead tomorrow. Yet, you might be surprised that dads doing the activity instead of moms can bring immeasurable benefits for him and his children. Why so? Here are some great reasons why dads should find time and read more to their kids.

Dads and children get closer through reading.

While there are lots of unique bonding ideas dads may do with their kids, reading a book provides a different level of proximity. Unlike watching favorite cartoons or sports on the TV screen on the opposite sides of the room, reading requires dads and children to get closer, engage in the same book, read words and relish the beautiful illustrations together. That all helps in bringing their dads and children together and solidifies the relationship.

Dads bring stories to life.

Dads tend to have a different approach when it comes to reading stories to their children. You might have seen dads effectively changing their voices and acting like the giant in Jack and the Beanstalk, Puss in the Boots, or the Tinman in the Wizard of Oz. Some fathers even wear costumes or use props!

 Dads take it to a different level, encompassing various emotions and making their children more immersed with the storyline. What’s the catch? Kids tend to be more glued, appreciate their fathers, and create a positive impact. Thus, strengthening the bond on both ends.

Reading allows dads to observe their children and know them better.

Fatherhood entails having lots of responsibilities to raise the family. In most cases, fathers spend less time with children, preventing them from knowing their kids deeper. Reading a book to kids about 20-30 minutes a day is often enough to bridge the gap. Through reading, dads get the opportunity to observe their children closely, see how they react, what ideas pique their interests, or what things worry them. With all that information, dads learn their children better and use it to communicate with them better.

Dads can challenge children and impart values through reading.

Reading a book to kids doesn’t mean that dads should take it word per word. Fathers can use stories to challenge their kid’s thinking, make them wonder deeper, analyze situations, and come up with conclusions or resolutions. Asking questions like, “Would you like to get King Midas’ golden touch?” or “What could have they done better if they were the character in “The Boy Who Cried Wolf?” Their answers give dads to see their children’s values and teach them any important lessons they still need to absorb.

Dads learn from their children too.

Though dads are often in charge of the reading activity, instilling valuable lessons to their children’s minds, they can also, in turn, learn from their kids. These precious little ones are pure, full of happiness, and offer unconditional love. You see them amazed and fall in love with unique stories and characters. Then, be highly appreciative and thankful for the time their dads spent with them. 

Yes, grown-up life tends to be stressful. Yet, sometimes dads should be like their carefree children, find joy in simple things, and be grateful for whatever positive things may come to live a happier life – and that’s undoubtedly one of the best gifts children can share with their dads.

Final Words

Reading books to kids transcends more than the purpose of dads keeping their kids amused or helping them get to sleep. It bestows lots of benefits for kids and dads themselves. As such, it’s a must for fathers to take time and engage in this activity with their children, reap all those perks, and see how their father-child relationship grows stronger tenfold.