Ins and Outs of Using Electric Yard Equipment

Is it already time to mow your lawn? Working on your yard would be easy if you use the proper equipment. One of the most important tools needed when working on your yard is a lawn mower. The significance of lawn mowers has grown over the years, and many people are using them to maintain a beautiful and healthy-looking yard. Lawn mowers continue to develop; inventors try to create new models in hopes of having a more convenient and efficient design.

A breakthrough in its development was during the early 20th century, wherein the first electric lawn mower was invented. With the creation of electric lawn mower, we might come to think what makes this machine more reliable than the original gas-powered equipment. In this article, we are going to look into the pros and cons of having an electric yard equipment.

1. Low maintenance

One of the primary features of an electric yard equipment is it requires less maintenance compared to its gas-powered counterpart. It is due to various reasons: an electric yard equipment doesn’t require a sparkplug; there are also no fuel filters, and oil, which all require constant replacement. By using electric yard equipment, you can save time and money from maintaining these parts.

2. Prevents mess from gasoline

Obviously, a gas-powered equipment requires fuel to function. Using electric lawn mower could save you the cost of purchasing fuel for your machine. No fuel also means less time cleaning up the mess, which usually comes after refilling your equipment. Similar to the first bullet, an equipment would need less maintenance, which is usually required when using gas-powered machines.

3. Cleaner for the environment

If you are an advocate of a cleaner and greener environment, this will be good news for you. Since electric yard equipment does not rely on gas to function, it would not release toxic fumes that is harmful both to our health and the environment. Electric lawn mowers may not entirely prevent pollution, but it does make a significant change in its effects to the environment.

4. Quieter compared to gas mowers

This one is a no-brainer. The traditional way of using a lawn mower is with the use of high-powered machines that run on gas. These equipment are irritatingly noisy, producing a loud sound coming from the engine. If you are not a fan of loud noises, having a gas mower might not work for you. Thankfully, there is an electric counterpart. Since this type of lawn mower does not use gas, it heavily reduces the noise it produces. With an electric lawn mower, working on your yard would be lot more relaxing experience.

5. The cord could limit your area of work

Using an electric lawn mower surely does have a lot of advantages. However, it also has other factors that would make you think twice before purchasing it. One thing to take into consideration if you want to use an electric yard equipment is its mobility. Apparently, electrical equipment requires electricity to function. This means it would typically use a cord and an outlet to supply power to the machine. Not unless you have an extremely long cord, you would have a problem in reaching places far from the outlet.

6. Might not be effective in clearing certain types of grass

Not all grasses are the same; there are grasses thicker and sturdier than others. Depending on the type of grass, you might have a problem in cutting them with the use of electric-powered machines. An electric yard equipment is not as powerful compared to machines powered by gas. Although this is not always the case, gas-powered machines overpower electric equipment, most of the time. So, before purchasing your electric lawn mower, make sure to know what type of grass you are working on.

7. Wet grass could cause electrical problems

One of the most obvious factors why you need to think thoroughly before using an electric lawn mower: it is prone to damage when exposed to water. This goes to pretty much every electrical product on the market. Since you are using electricity, you need to avoid wet grass to avoid damage. There might be water resistant electric yard equipment in the market today, but it is still prone to damage, especially with large amount of water.