Unique Ideas for Bonding with Your Kids

Life as a father is so busy, demanding. However, it is really important for you to find time for your children regardless of how swamped you are with your duties. So, whenever you engage with your kids, make it more precious by picking unique and memorable activities. To help you out, we’ve summed the best and unique bonding ideas that will strengthen your relationship with your children.

Cook with your kids

Dad, Cooking, Kids

Yes, we know that the kitchen is the mother’s arena. However, many things have changed and dads can be as cool in displaying their inner chef skills, too. If your children are accustomed to their mom’s cuisine, try mixing it up by showcasing your own talents and getting your kids as your sous-chefs. Have them get and prepare the ingredients, or just let them watch and be your judge – either way, it’ll be surely a wonderful bonding moment.

Bring role-playing to a new level

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Role-playing is one of the most engaging activities for kids. Children love to mimic adults, and as they do so, they use their creative minds and learn about life. Just choose a theme, from having a tea party, running a hospital, a bank, or a pizza parlor, adapting a fairy or superhero tale, to performing in a concert and being popstars. Then, make things more exciting by making use of whatever is available in the house. You can use huge towels as a magic carpet, or broomsticks as electric guitars. The possibilities are endless and it’s for you and your kids to discover all the fun.

Explore outside

Father, Forest, Kids

The 21st century brought kids a variety of video and online games. While those games are certainly amazing, it gets them preoccupied in the virtual world, disconnecting them to the beauty that awaits them outside. An excellent way to spend time with your kids is to explore nature.

You can bring your kids to a safe, nearby forest or do a short hike at a nature-adventure trail. Just make sure to do some workout beforehand so you can keep up with your kid’s energy, pack some lunch, and get some camping supplies – you and your children are bound to a great experience.

Watch movies in the theater

Cinema, Movie, Theater, Kid, Father, Daddy

Though movie streaming sites are there, nothing beats the feeling of watching a film inside a theater. The huge screen and booming sound will surely leave your kids in awe as they watch their much-awaited flicks. Then, cry, laugh, or get thrilled with them in every scene.

Build a treehouse

Treehouse, Kids, Father, Daddy

Kids love to have spaces they can call their own, and one of the best ways to provide that refuge is by building them their own treehouse. It doesn’t need to be too extravagant, just a basic timber setup can suffice and many beautiful memories with your children can arise from that. Add some decoration or let them sprinkle their personal touch, they will surely appreciate the effort and will relish their new hideaway.

Go to an amusement or theme park

Amusement Park, Kid, Father, Daddy

Amusement or theme parks are built to bring joy to children. If you want to be an awesome dad, bring your kids to one, and ride or visit all attractions. If your kids are old enough, mini coasters can be thrilling. If they’re too young, a merry-go-round is surely enough to provide them pure happiness.

Make scrapbooks

Scrapbook, Kids, Art, Daddy, Father

Making scrapbooks might seem a girly thing, but creating them won’t hurt your masculinity, especially if you do it for your kids. So, touch those colorful papers, glitters, and stickers, unleash your creativity, and add your most memorable photos. Not only the pictures will be memorable and will be the center of the discussion, as the scrapbook itself has memories of you and your children.

Do household chores with the kids

Daddy, Father, Chores, Kid

Doing simple household chores, like sweeping the floor, folding clothes, cleaning up the garage, or watering the garden are small things, yet have a big impact on your children. Those tasks are commonly done by their mommy, but seeing their daddy do the same may help them realize that these tasks are for everyone, and all should work hand in hand in accomplishing them. With that, you get to bond with your children while also imparting something valuable into their lives.


That’s the rundown of some of the best and unique bonding ideas you can do with your children. If you want to deepen your relationship and have fun with your kids, make sure one of the listed activities. Regardless of which one you choose, remember not to miss spending time no matter how busy you can be in your everyday life.