Protecting a Glass Table

There is no doubt that glass table tops are appealing and elegant, making them a must-have in any home or business. Glass tabletops can be employed in historical, modern, or contemporary settings. They create an illusion of space and a light, airy ambiance. It also reduces weight, makes visual clutter easy to clean and sanitize, and has crisp design lines. 

Glass tables may come as coffee tables, dining tables, side tables, tv stands, and outdoor furniture. Moreover, glass tabletops are widely used to preserve desks and other furniture. It gives the needed protection while adding style to a table. 

Glass tabletops may last a long time with proper care. If you have a glass table or considering getting one, you should learn how to keep it safe. Remember that Glass isn’t as sturdy as wood, stone, metal, or brick, but it doesn’t mean it will easily shatter. 

When buying a glass table, the first instinct is to preserve it from scratches and breakage. Scratches on a glass table, mirror, or window are unsightly. Some scratches are almost undetectable, yet they’re impossible to ignore once noticed. Protect your home’s Glass from scratches with these simple recommendations. These simple hacks may help you keep the clarity and elegance of your glass tabletop.

Tips for Protecting Glass Table

Round Glass Table

1. Clean glass table regularly and properly.

Cleaning a glass table periodically protects it from scratches and increases its durability. However, there are things one should consider when doing so, use a non-abrasive, lint-free, or microfiber cloth to clean Glass. Avoid using abrasive napkins and paper towels to scratch the Glass. Carefully choose the kind of cleaning material to be used; acid and ammonia should be avoided because they damage Glass. Go for glass cleaners with aerosol or products labeled safe for glass surfaces; these so far are glass-safe cleaners. Moreover, you may also create your DIY glass cleaning solution; for difficult stains, use vinegar and water. A mix of water and dishwashing soap will keep tabletop Glass sparkling.

2. Protect your glass table from scratches.

Prevention beats treatment. To safeguard your tabletop glass from scratches, you must know its severity and how they threaten it. Please don’t put anything that could scratch the surface of your table on it: toys, books, and other things with sharp edges and rough bases. Install a trendy runner under them if you want to display your best coffee table books on a glass table. Here are some helpful simple tips to avoid both minor and significant ugly scratches:

  1. Prevent plates, cooking utensils, and bowls from scratching the tabletop glass. Always use coasters or tablecloths when placing items on Glass. 
  2. Avoid heavy or sharp objects. Books, keys, and toys are everyday tabletop items. This wouldn’t work with a glass table.
  3. Don’t Use Harsh Objects. Paper towels and newspaper spools can harm glass tabletop surfaces. Don’t scrub the glass table too vigorously.
  4. Chemical Cleaners Are Banned. Don’t overclean your glass table to make it shiny. Aside from giving your arm and shoulder fatigue, it would result in an unwanted ugly scratch.
  5. Protect your glass table from your kids and pets. Your pet’s paws, may it be an adorable cat or puppy, may make a not-so-cute scratches glass table. Kids also may scratch that precious glass table by moving their toys around. So put a glass tabletop out of reach of pets and youngsters.
  6. Avoid placing hot items on the glass table. Carelessly placing hot objects on glass tables is a significant cause of scratches. Glass weakens when heated, leaving heat imprints on the table. Avoid putting hot items on glass tables without placing a heat-resistant placemat.

Table cloth

3. Protect glass tables with a table runner, placemats, coasters, and rubber bumpers.

Table runners, placemats, coasters, and rubber bumpers protect glass tables. Rubber bumpers prevent Glass from sliding or falling off. Tablecloths, on the other hand, do not only bring elegance and color to glass-topped tables, but they also protect them from getting damaged. A tablecloth keeps a glass side or end table dust-free daily, preventing scratches and clinking sounds at a holiday feast.

Hot plates, bowls, coffee mugs, toys, and other goods are always placed on glass tables. All of these can damage the glass table, and to avoid this from happening, you may decorate the table with a stylish placemat, while Glass and mugs can use coasters. Using a trendy runner on your glass tabletop is cheap to protect and enhance your table’s glass surface. However, if you don’t want to cover the entire glass table, put a table runner along the center and set a centerpiece on it.

4. Avoid placing your glass table in a dangerous or accident-prone area.

To avoid accidents of putting your precious glass tables at risk of becoming shattered, make sure that the glass top of your table is placed in a perfectly safe place. The first thing that has to be done to guarantee the security of glass table tops is to check that they have adequate protection. Your table mustn’t act as a barrier or cause people in your house to collide with one another. It is important to keep it out of the way to prevent other people from accidentally dumping stuff on it and damaging it. Moreover, if you own a glass table in a low lighting space, you almost certainly will cause an accident or cause the table to break easily. Instead, you should make sure that your glass table is placed in a location that has plenty of light shining on it so that everyone can see it. 

The Wrap it Up

Glass Table

Remember that maintaining a glass table is different from maintaining a hardwood table. Despite being composed of specialized tempered Glass, the tables can still be damaged if not taken care of correctly. First, put a soft substance on a glass top before installing rough or rugged goods. Use a coaster under a lamp or Glass. If you want to avoid scratching the glass, use a runner.

Keep the table away from danger zones. This means you shouldn’t let others run into or drop stuff on the table since this can break the Glass and leave you without your favorite furniture and décor.

Create a maintenance regimen for glass furniture. The schedule should include essential maintenance. You must dust the Glass weekly or more often if dust accumulates quickly in your environment. Dust collects readily on glass surfaces and typically contains dirt particles that can scratch the Glass when rubbed. It’s easier to remove dust than let it accumulate and ruin your table.

Moreover, grime and dirt can also settle on your table. Wine, coffee, soda, or other liquid can leave a sticky, unclean surface. Many things can cause glass stains and streaks. You should permanently remove dirt before it causes damage. Debris can harm Glass, and beverage stains attract more dust and dirt. Use a soft rag, warm water, and soap to remove sticky dirt. Dry the Glass with a gentle dry cloth. This will keep your table looking new.